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Rumble Bots In Rumble Bots you can build your own bot and prepare it for battle! Battles are available on Tournaments, Ranked Ladder and Quick Matches against other bots. There’s a great range of piece-combinations for building your bot, so the performance in battle is based on both strategy and player’s skills on controlling the Rumble Bot!

Check how the game looks like in the gameplay trailer:

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Legendary Heroes is the first Action Real-Time Strategy game for iPhone/iPad. You control three heroes in a match and must lead then to victory by pushing your armies through the enemy’s defenses and destroying their Source of Power.

Menu Screen

The game features heroes with unique special skills, granting a lot of action on game-play!

I’ve participated in the development as a programmer, implementing and/or improving most of the features and behaviors in the game, always counting with good teamwork.